RIDGE - Augmented Overdrive Pedal

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If you want to learn how to use your RIDGE and all of its advanced features, please visit the user manuals page.

Power supply not included.

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Following the important amount of new orders we are now backordered starting 23/09 11am UTC+2. We work with our partner factory to keep wait times as short as possible, expect a 5 to 6 week wait period. All orders previous to that date and time are not impacted and will be fulfilled as quickly as possible.

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"First impression - Majestic!"

Casey N.

"After trying it on many different setups, I know I can take this pedal and get insane tones from any amp. It never leaves my backpack."

Olivier Lapauze - Heavenly

"It works wonderfully well with any kind of amp, it is ultra versatile, a true sonic weapon of mass destruction!"

Alex Orta - Stengah

"As I said before the mood knob is the magic knob. It's hard to say which way to use the pedal is better. As a boost for your other drives it absolutely excels. And there are a lot of different boost type configurations."

Steven L.

The texture I'm getting with the RIDGE and my Les Paul's humbuckers is otherworldly... same settings with my Tele work incredibly well too.

Glenn Arzel - Glenn Arzel & Claire Nivard