RIDGE - Overdrive -

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Input Impedance: 1Meg Ohm (Guitar mode) / 32k Ohm (Line mode)Output Impedance: 100 Ohm

Bypass Switching: True Bypass (electromechanical relay switching)

Dimensions: 11.2 cm deep x 16.4 cm wide x 5.2 cm tall (4.4 inches deep x 6.5 inches wide x 2 inches tall).

Weight:  850 g (1,8 lbs)

MIDI Cable Requirements: Use a type A mini jack TRS MIDI cable.

Power Adaptor Requirements: Use an adaptor (not included) with the following rating: 9VDC center negative. (250mA minimum, 300mA or more recommended.)

"Can you imagine ? Two of these, controlled by MIDI? That’s mental."

"That’s an incredible pedal."

"I think it does not require any further explanation. This is crazy, I am completely blown away by the huge tonal range of this pedal."

Customer Reviews

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Joey Landreth

I am wickedly impressed with the ridge. Not only does it accomplish what it has set out to do but it does it brilliantly. I’m a big fan of traditional drives - BB, Klon, TS, etc., and I have been able to dial in sounds virtually indistinguishable from the original. The ability to further tweak that sound in ways that you can’t with the original is invaluable. RIDGE for the win!

Glenn Arzel
Une palette de sons sans fin et pourtant simple d'utilisation !

Une Overdrive riche, précise et tellement efficace.
En live ou en studio "le son" est toujours au rendez-vous. Bien sûr le MOOD knob est le point central de cette pédale, mais je ne pensais pas autant sculpter le grain via les Pré-tone et Post-tone, ces réglages là donnent une palette ultra riche, précise, vraiment unique et propre à la Ridge. C'est quasiment une "always on" sur mon pedal board !
Fabrication de haute qualité, l'objet est (en plus d'être très esthétique) robuste et très fiable.
Je recommande chaudement ! Bravo Kernom

Zéro limite, une infinité de sons

Utilisée en concert, en enregistrement, dans un ampli à lampes, ou un simulateur (Axe FX et FM3), la Ridge répond présent à chaque fois. Seule overdrive utilisée depuis un an, sa grande flexibilité de réglages assure d'avoir un son de qualité à tout moment, et adapté à n'importe quel registre musical.
Pour moi, c'est une pédale incroyable qui n'a pour limite que l'imagination de la personne qui l'utilise.

The Kernom Ridge blew my mind: is there anything it can’t do?

The Kernom Ridge blew my mind: is there anything it can’t do?
Its range of sounds seems boundless and it’s worth noting that even within each section of the mood knob, the subtle changes in clipping keeps surprising you as you turn.The versatility of this pedal is truly astounding: the three EQ controls exhibit an impressive level of power, particularly the Mid control, which effortlessly elevates solos without accentuating any harsh characteristics.
Additionally, the ability to save a finely tuned sound to an internal preset, swiftly recalled by the Preset footswitch, provides instant access to two distinct drive variations.
What's even more remarkable is that these variations can be seamlessly morphed between when an expression pedal is connected. And if that wasn't enough, the inclusion of MIDI connectivity grants you access to a staggering 128 presets and continuous parameter control, opening up a world of endless possibilities. I might just weld it to my board, can’t see why I would ever take it off.

Congratulations Kernom! Can’t wait to try the Moho.


Very very incredible !!!! The best