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Photo of the Kernom RIDGE, and overdrive pedal, and the KERNOM MOHO, a fuzz pedal. Both are analog pedals with tremendous features who will help musicians unleash their creativity.

Internal Presets: A Handy Feature

What could be more frustrating than losing the ultimate setting on your overdrive pedal and spending endless time trying to retrieve it ? You know what I'm talking about, we've all been there. Fortunately, thanks to the internal preset of the RIDGE overdrive and MOHO fuzz, it's possible to avoid this and save your favorite sound.


“Preset engaged !”

Hi everyone, Anthony here. Welcome to the first post of a series that will help you understand your RIDGE overdrive or MOHO fuzz and, I hope, will inspire you to create new sounds. 

In today’s article, we will see what a preset is, the importance of working with them, and how to manage the on-board preset of your favorite analog overdrive (or analog fuzz, I don’t forget you fuzz fans). Then, we'll look at some presets examples and their application in order to inspire you and help you craft your sound.


Episode 1: What is an internal Preset?

It's a set of pre-recorded settings that you can recall and use at your convenience. The sound of a particular song, your lead sound, or even the famous crunch sound of your favorite guitarist, all of this is accessible. Presets are a fantastic tool for musicians, allowing them to always have the sound they need at their disposal, without the risk of seeing their settings lost. For today, we will focus on the internal preset of your pedal and see what you can do with it. We’ll address the MIDI functions of the RIDGE and the MOHO in another post. 

On the RIDGE overdrive pedal and on our recently released fuzz MOHO, you have the option to save and recall a preset using the dedicated PRESET footswitch. This way, you always have your favorite sound at hand and can use it freely, alternating with the direct sound (the sound indicated by the knob positions).

 Photo of the Kernom MOHO, a new and modern fuzz pedal. The photo makes a focus on the PRESET footswitch, which allows you to save a setting and recall it at will.


How to save my tone in a preset?

Adjust the six knobs of the pedal to your liking. Once done, press and hold the PRESET footswitch. The associated LED should flash rapidly, indicating that your setting is saved. You can now recall it every time you engage the PRESET footswitch. Easy isn’t it ?


Photo of the Kernom RIDGE, a new and modern overdrive pedal. The photo makes a focus on the PRESET footswitch, which allows you to save a setting and recall it at will.


What if I wanted to modify my preset?

At this point you might ask yourself: 

“I need to modify my preset and don’t remember what was the position of the knobs !”

If you want to modify it, start by engaging the preset. You can now modify it by turning the knobs of the pedal. By doing this, the LEDs will start flashing purple, indicating which way you should turn the knob to return to the saved position. The PRESET LED indicates that you should turn left, while the ON/OFF LED indicates that you should turn to the right. When the PRESET LED remains purple without blinking, you have found the saved setting and can now modify it. Repeat this process with the other knobs if needed, hold the PRESET footswitch, and your new setting is saved. You can repeat this procedure as many times as necessary each time you want to adjust your favorite sound. You can now create all the sounds that come to your mind and save them using this system.


Photo of the 3 steps for modifying a preset on Kernom's product


 Let’s create one !

How we can talk about presets without giving examples. Let's have some fun and look at a few examples that I'm sure you'll love ! No jealousy, I'll give you one preset for the RIDGE and one preset for the MOHO ! Feel free to refine the settings according to your amp and guitar.

Let's start with a preset I call the "Crunchy dream". In a clean amp with a Stratocaster, this preset is one of my favorites. Set your RIDGE overdrive with MOOD zone 2 for a dynamic response. We have low gain, a slightly pushed POST TONE to make the sound a bit brighter, and the MID knob slightly backed off. I could spend hours playing with this sound, especially with a delay and a reverb !



Let's move on to the MOHO ! A preset that I particularly appreciate is one that I call the "Face melter", inspired by a classic fuzz pedal with MOOD zone 2. VOLUME and FUZZ pushed, PRE TONE and POST TONE slightly adjusted to give body and bite, this sound should fulfill you. Use it without moderation for both riffs and solos !



These two presets are just a few ideas among the hundreds you can create with the RIDGE overdrive and the MOHO fuzz. These two pedals can easily help you find your sound, and all the ones you need to play your favorite songs. 

In a nutshell, the internal preset is a fantastic way to recall and use a specific sound, whether with the RIDGE overdrive pedal or the MOHO fuzz pedal. It allows you to save a specific tone, YOUR sonic signature.


Next blogs

I hope the illustrated examples as well as the article have inspired you, made you want to play, and explore new musical territories. Next time, we’ll talk about presets paired with the MIDI functions of your favorite analog pedals !

Photo de l'auteur

by Anthony Barbier

Anthony is the person behind Kernom social media. If you’re searching for him, he will probably with a guitar in his hands, trying to find new sounds or behind his keyboard writing posts about our pedals.

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