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Kernom rocked the 2023 NAMM Show

Kernom rocked the 2023 NAMM Show

2023 NAMM Show is over and what a blast. It was our first time in Anaheim Convention Center and we can't thank you enought everyone for lettting this happened.

We had the opportunity to meet some of our heroes, network with industry leaders, and unveil our groundbreaking fuzz pedal, the MOHO: A Magmatic Fuzz Station.

The NAMM Show was the perfect place for us to showcase our products and we took the opportunity to showcase what Kernom's technology is capable of in a fresh new toy, the MOHO.

This innovative piece of gear allows its user to create all the classic fuzz tones we all know and love, while also exploring new, uncharted fuzz territories. We know everyone is eager to try it out, and rest assured, we're working tirelessly to bring it to life as soon as possible. Mark your calendars, as MOHO will be available in July 2023!

Throughout the show, we captured some incredible moments and memories with our ever-growing Kernom Family. Here is a short photo compilation to share a glimpse of our exciting time at the event.


 Danish Pete trying out our new MOHO fuzz with Antoine

Aren't they happy ?
Nick Jennison totally blown away by the new MOHO. No string hurts this time
Those crazy moments with fantastic musicians
The very best on the booth - Pete & Vinnie

To give everyone a taste of the MOHO's capabilities, we had the pleasure of welcoming Nick Jennison from Guitar Interactive Magazine and Premier Guitar to our booth. They both put the MOHO through its paces, showcasing its unparalleled versatility and tone. Check out the videos below to see (and hear) the magic unfold!

While these videos offer a fantastic introduction to the MOHO, we have many more demos lined up to demonstrate the full range of its capabilities. 

It was our first NAMM and sure not the last one. See you soon California!


Photo de l'auteur

by Jeremy Savonet

Jeremy is a passionate and gifted electronics and software engineer. He has worked for five years at Devialet on Phantom, and is an avid guitar player, with a strong love for heavy and rich distorted tones. He also has a solid grasp on the production and mechanical aspect of things, guaranteeing Kernom products will withstand the rigors of the most unforgiving tours.

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